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def-logix in the news & media
Def-Logix featured on WOAI News 4 San Antonio
Def-Logix warns about the dangers of "Juice Jacking" on WOAI News 4 San Antonio and how it can impact you without even knowing it.
Def-Logix guest on Cuellar & Associates podcast
Def-Logix speak to Cuellar & Associates how about COVID-19 affected the work place, and how the city of San Antonio is becoming a perennial tech force.
Def-Logix on Hacker Valley Studio
Paul Rivera talks about how he didn't always feel like he could fit in, communicate with his peers, or lead. Over time that changes though.
Def-Logix guest on Mission Matters
Adam Torres interviews with several executives, entrepreneurs, and experts on the Mission Matters Podcast. For Paul Rivera, CEO of Def-Logix, it’s cybersecurity. Here’s a recap of some insights he shared in his latest podcast.
Def-Logix with San Antonio Business Journal Table of Experts
The San Antonio Business Journal cover a wide array of topics speaking to SME's Paul Rivera of Def-Logix and Nicole Bebee of UTSA.
Def-Logix on iHeart Media’s “The Art of Improvement”
Paul Rivera – President & CEO – Def-Logix, Inc. talks about his 20+ years of cybersecurity experience in the government contracting industry.
Def-Logix on iHeart Media’s “The Art of Improvement” Part 2
This new era of remote work has led to new threats leaving traditional Cybersecurity methods obsolete. With an expected emergence in the evolution of attack vectors, Def-Logix is here to help secure your digital assets outside of your traditional business infrastructure.
Def-Logix featured in San Antonio Business Journal
Untangling all cybersecurity practices in San Antonio: How Def-Logix does research, commercialization and development.
Kens 5 San Antonio Segment
Def-Logix CEO Paul Rivera speaks about Def-Logix and the growing need for Cyber Security and how “Military City USA” San Antonio, Texas is ready to take charge on the front.