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Def-Logix Security Analyzer

Sample report of FREE security scan

Def-Logix™ brings you the Security Analyzer, our future-proof vulnerability scanner. This tool is the first step to staying protected against vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Following DoD best security practices and focusing on new threat vectors experienced by remote workers, check your systems’ security posture today with our FREE Security Analyzer!

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OS Requirements: Windows 10

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Def-Logix Security manager

Mini demo of the Security Manager Dashboard

Security Manager Features

  • Web-based manager UI
  • Evaluate Security Posture of Managed Windows 10 PC’s
  • Rollback/Revert
  • Select Mitigation Level per Machine
  • Manage/Maintain Mitigation Level with Saved Selections After Updates and PC Changes

What is the Security Manager

The Security Manager is a tool that enables a more secure work environment. It performs security scans, assessment reports, and implements vulnerability mitigation. The manager also consolidates all managed systems’ security posture into one user interface for organizations that manage tens to hundreds of systems.

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Free security scan with our Secure Analyzer tool.

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