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Managing your business is a lot of work & money. And adding your business Information Technology infrastructure adds to that

It never fails. It happens to even the best of us. No matter how detailed your IT budget is (just like marketing and legal), some years just end up costing more than others, with some years having unexpected IT cost.

When it comes time for you to have to address unforeseen tech expenses, consider these following tips:

1. Consider a leasing option on your IT equipment.
There are some real benefits to leasing new hardware. The big one, being that, monthly payments are generally low and spaced out, rather than hitting all at once as with a hardware purchase.

Bundled into those cost may also be service agreements and the option to purchase the equipment later on. The great thing about leases, is they count and qualify as a tax credit. They may also include service agreements and the option to purchase the equipment later on. Leases also potentially qualify for tax credits.

2. Get a clear consultation on what pieces of hardware will give you the longest life-term.
If your computers and other hardware were recently refreshed, you may be able to minimize your IT expenses with upgrades, rather than say, full-on replacements which are way more expensive.

Any trust-worthy IT vendor will be completely honest with you. As a rule of thumb, most IT experts recommend refreshing hardware every five years for maximum security and performance. Def-Logix offers consultative advice and services to identify what works best for you and your business.

3. Ask or look into getting a discount on larger orders or bundling up services together.
Life is full of sliver linings. One such is that, true major upgrades and refreshes may qualify you for a large order discount! Also if you are looking into services, it often at times is a little pricier to nab them a la carte style. We opt for getting services bundled into a package for even greater savings. Most IT providers are happy to negotiate special pricing for orders over $10K.

Even if you do not have an intent to hit an order over 10K, a budget-savvy move to choose an IT vendor that has partnerships with major tech companies, can pay off dividends as they can provide discounts to certain software. Def-Logix, for example is partnered with McAfee and Microsoft thus allowing significant price-cuts compared to retail.

4. Do not try and piece together your own upgrade. Just don’t.
Though we are advocates of saving money as stated above, that doesn’t mean you should cut some corners to save on IT costs.

Def-Logix says this: business hardware and software is different from you will find during a Black Friday sale. Stick with a vendor and them alone, not just for savings but also to consolidate all your IT expenses, purchase orders and communication down to too many vendors/partners.

One of the best ways to avoid IT budget surprises is to work with a reputable IT vendor who will maintain and manage ALL your hardware and software needs. Your vendor needs to be proactive enough to assess which mission-critical applications will run on a new operating system, and which pieces of hardware are nearing the end of their usefulness. That is why, you chose them as your Managed IT Solutions Provider.

You and your business have enough stress as it is. Take the stress out of your IT infrastructure if possible.

Def-Logix is here to help you avoid unexpected IT costs in the future. In addition, we also believe in security, therefore, giving you a piece of mind knowing your IT operations is fully protected against the seemingly increasing number of cyber attacks.

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Your business matters. Protect it.

You and your business have enough stress as it is. Take the stress out of your IT infrastrucutre if possible.

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