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Def-Logix in the news & media

Def-Logix warns about the dangers of "Juice Jacking" on News 4 San Antonio

Def-Logix very own Justice Yao speaks about the impending dangers of juice jacking.

Kens 5 San Antonio segment

Def-Logix CEO Paul Rivera speaks about Def-Logix and the growing need for Cyber Security and how “Military City USA” San Antonio, Texas is ready to take charge on the front.

Def-Logix was awarded by the San Antonio Business Journal as one of the fastest-growing companies in the region for 2019.

San Antonio Business Journal appearance

Paul Rivera – President & CEO – Def-Logix, Inc. talks about his 20+ years of cybersecurity experience in the government contracting industry. As he leads Def-Logix, he has gained credible leadership experience and speaks about the company along with Sa Huynh and Nick Navarro regarding the future of their company and cybersecurity as it relates to every citizen.

Def-Logix guest on podcast iHeart Media's "The Art of Improvement"

Untangling cybersecurity in San Antonio: How Def-Logix does research, commercialization.