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Why should you use two-factor or multi-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication where you verify your account on more than one device to ensure you are really you.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is certainly an effective and easy way to keep your users, customers and overall business safe. The best 2FA solutions do away with frustration, without compromise and of course, without stressing about vulnerabilities.

It’s a new security standard set

You see the password, the humble ol’ password, protector of your most confidential info can be hacked at any given time, in many instances in just minutes. And sadly—most users still use easy-to-guess passwords that involve birth dates, marriage dates, social security numbers and the frowned-upon 123abc.

That is where two-factor authentication comes into play.  The solution provides an additional security layer by sending a code to a device or portal the user has exclusive access to. This is a step that is a blessing that addresses the vulnerability of password-only log-ins.

2FA is security that works for you

2FA is only effective if it is easy to adopt. The moment such a security method becomes more burdensome to a business productivity, then it will be negated in it’s ultimate purpose – to make life simpler and more secure for both you and I.

Mindblown duuuuuude

Hence why two-factor authentication solutions are evolving all the time – bidding to become easier to integrate, use and maintain. There are even tokenless solutions, which can support any number of passcode delivery approaches giving versatility. And luckily these authentications are becoming more and more flexible on a wide array of platforms allowing you to choose from on-premise, cloud, or both.  It’s no wonder Apple, Amazon, Dropbox, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo, Snapchat, Instagram, Microsoft, Twitter…okay you get the point—you are probably even used it today before you read this or will after you read this.

If you are online and use other websites, services and apps please do check out the comprehensive Two-Factor Auth site for detailed and categorized lists of sites, services and apps to see which support 2FA and those that do not.

Be safe out there and next time you are required to authenticate with two-factor, just remember it may seem like a pain you are having to do such a thing it’s all a matter of security. Your business matters. Protect it. Safeguard you.

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