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Why work with small business

The first thing you have to know if you’re considering working with a small business is this – don’t underestimate them.  Small businesses are and have always been the backbone of this country.  Small in number does not constitute small in talent or creativity.  If you’re seeking to work with small businesses through GSA or other contract vehicles, we are here to tell you this one thing: do it!


First of all, small businesses on GSA contract vehicles are no joke.  They have been through an extensive, multidimensional selection process.  These businesses *cough cough* including Def-Logix *cough cough* have been able to demonstrate past performance, capability, and success.  Some GSA contracts are set aside for small businesses, but other contracts include small businesses to a high-quality pool of other options.  If you want to work with a small business, you’ll have access to a number of benefits.  We are an 8(a) small business, so you can work with us through sole source contracting or through the GSA IT70 Schedule.  With us, you can meet 8(a) small business goals, streamlined processes, and cut procurement costs for your convenience.  For Federal/local agencies, we offer competitive prices and discounts, shorter procurement cycles, and ensure compliance.  Federal, state, and local governments have relied even more on the GSA IT70 Schedule to provide valuable, dependable partners that offer an array of innovative products and services.  We are proud to be one of them!


Well, every small business is different.  For us, you can reach us through an 8(a) sole source contract, through an 8(a) Mentor-Protege program if you are an interested large prime, or find us on GSA Advantage!  An 8(a) sole source contract is essentially a no-bid contract.  This means if you want to work with us, we can arrange a non-competitive bid.  With a sole source contract, you’ve got a streamlined process, alleviated 60-90 day acquisition period, and expedited negotiations.  You can click here to download our full brochure to see the exact steps to take and land a sole source contract.  However, if the requirements are not specialized, you can find us on GSA Advantage!  This site is like online shopping for products and services that Government entities are looking for.  You want a contractor?  You can search for them there – easy!  Plus, working with us through GSA gives you a chance to see how competitive our prices and discounts are and access to a small business credit.  We help you comply with guidelines and supply the products and services you need most.

But if that was a huge mouthful, you can always just email us for more information!


Now!  Get connected today for more contracting opportunities.

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First of all, small businesses on GSA contract vehicles are no joke.  They have been through an extensive, multidimensional selection process.

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