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n this day and age, almost all of our devices are connected to a network, which means hackers can attack from multiple vectors. They can get into your firmware, cars, drones, mobile devices, and more.

We are developing the technology to stop hackers and protect people’s most vital computer systems. Through our government-funded research and development, we have come up with a great line of security products and services to benefit everyone from the small business owner to the largest of enterprises.

At Def-Logix, we strongly believe that being innovative and informed allows us to remain ahead of security issues and protect the assets businesses care most about.

We are a small business, too, and we care deeply about the cyber threats out there that threaten businesses and customers alike.

Please check out the products and services we provide in this brochure and remember to think of us if you have any security-related questions. We are here to help.


Paul A. Rivera, President/CEO of Def-Logix, Inc.