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– Meet Def-Logix: Abby Perez –


hat’s your position and job duties?

I am the Executive Assistant and Talent Sourcing Specialist for Def-Logix. I assist our leadership team with various task related to HR & office management. In addition, I help recruit and identify talent to maintain our staffing needs for current and upcoming projects as well as attend job fairs and events for networking and recruiting in the cyber security community.

What’s it like to work at Def-Logix?

I appreciate the positive work-group climate and momentum at Def-Logix. The employees are friendly and the innovative team dynamic is quite motivating. I enjoy the flexible work schedule, relaxed environment-feel and the integrity
behind our mission to protect customers’ sensitive and valuable resources. I greatly admire the CEO and his business practices. He is a respected leader in the cyber community that is also passionate about all aspect of his company. It’s refreshing to see a CEO in the office every day, checking on his employees and being involved in each and every ongoing project.

What are some of the skills/attributes you look for in job seekers interested in working at Def-Logix?

A strong background in Computer Science and/or relevant experience in Information Technology. We look for individuals with a great attitude. Professionals that are eager and willing to learn and take initiative. Focus, determination, and motivation are key. It is also important to be adaptable and have flexibility due to the work scope of our various projects. Most importantly, be passionate about what you do!

What are you most excited about moving forward, in working with Def-Logix?

I am excited about the growth of the company! I look forward to the projects we are taking on and the different challenges they will bring. In addition, I am inspired to learn more about the field of cyber security and expand my own knowledge base and current skillset. I strive to become an efficient, supportive and progressive member of the Def-Logix family.

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